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Soft and Hard-line Goods Supply Chain Information Management Services
We are: Proven

Drawing upon nearly three decades of supply chain experience, BOS has overseen hundreds of commercial transmissions and managed SKU profiles for retail accounts valued as high as $450 million. We understand every level of the soft goods supply chain, including electronic data interchanges, customer compliant bills of lading and required manifests, and inventory tracking standards.

We are: Pro-Active

BOS solves supply chain challenges before they become problems. Our knowledge of back office data processing means customers avoid wasting time tracking inventory or managing payments so they can focus on design, manufacturing, and sales.

We are: Nimble

Customers depend on BOS to adapt to their systems, not the other way around. We facilitate data entry and processing via Quickbooks, Excel, Envision ERP, VSR, AMT and other systems, working with clients' existing recordkeeping practices and integrating efficient facilitated data entry practices.



BOS is your provider of end-to-end soft and hard-line goods supply chain back office services. Built on decades of supply chain experience, we leverage our knowledge of the soft and hard-line goods market and manufacturing, retail, and warehouse contacts to efficiently process shipments and transactions.


Carlstadt, NJ 07072

Tel: 201-954-1132

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